Rental Reservations

Our rental shop seeks to provide adventurers with all the equipment they will need to enjoy their outdoor pursuits. We make every attempt to simplify your reservation process.

  • Each button below will lead you to a different rental area, complete with information and online reservation forms on each page.
  • If you are renting for a large group please create a spreadsheet with climbers names and the equipment that each person will be renting.  You can also create a “Group Name” that all your climbers can use to identify your group when you are picking up your rentals.  Please send the spreadsheet to:
  • You may also call us at 530.926.3606 and reserve your gear over the phone.

Any one of these methods will make certain your gear is ready for you to try on when you arrive. All methods are secure as we do not hold your credit card information, but destroy it upon confirmation of payment. So relax and enjoy. We’ll take care of you.

All Reservations must be made be made at a minimum of 72 hours before your scheduled trip.  If you are climbing in June, you will want to make sure your reservation is submitted at least one week or more before your scheduled climb.