Boot Fitting

Most of us are not average. Sorry, but it’s true. The average is just a statistical value that rarely exists. Similarly, the “ideal last” used by most manufacturers is an average that works OK for most feet during “average use”. Chances are your use is not average. When you put that demand of carrying a pack, extended climbing, or temperature extremes on top of your individual foot shape, most of us greatly benefit from The Fifth Season’s added attention to boot fitting. We buy our boots by priorities such as materials, construction, shape and volume. Color, price, fashion and fads just don’t even make the list. We carry a huge selection of boots to accommodate all sizes, shapes and demands. We provide fit aids and services from the simplest inserts to custom, insulated footbeds for extremes in foot shape and climates. Your boots are the single most important part of your equipment. Let us make sure you don’t have to worry about your feet being comfortable, warm, and supported.

Let our trusted and trained boot fitters assess your foot and get you into the proper fitting boots with all the customization that you will need. Not only can we make custom footbeds for your boots, but we can customize the shells and liners as well.  Our boot fitters have been trained through multiple seasons of expertise as well as multiple trips to Master Fit University, so you can count on us to make sure you are ready for peak performance!

Boot Fitting Price List

Sport Fit

-Liner Heat Molding
-Lateral Cuff Alignment
-Footbed Recommended
Performance Fit

-Liner High Heat Molding
-Lateral Cuff Alignment
-Minor Footbed Adjustments
-Footbed Necessary
Race Fit

-Liner Heat Molding
-Fore/ Aft Cuff Alignment
-Shell Shaping (4)
-Minor Footbed Adjustments
-Footbed Required
*Custom Footbed Recommended

Fit Enhancements for Performance & Comfort

Custom Footbeds: PERFORMANCE $179
Custom Footbeds: OUTDOOR$100
Drop-in Footbed$50-60
Drop-in Footbed Fitting
*Includes Minor Adjustments
Footbed Adjustments
-Heel Lift / Wedge
$15 Each
Footbed Adjustments
-Half Posting
$45 Pair
Footbed Adjustments
-Full Posting
$90 Pair
Footbed Adjustments
-Metatarsal Arch
$10 Each
Footbed Adjustments
-Full Shims
$15 Each
Liner Modification $25+
Shell Punch$15 Each
Shell Grind$15 Each
Buckle Alignment$10 Each
Lateral Cuff Alignment$15
Fore / Aft Cuff Alignment $40
Boot Sole Shim / Lift$40 Each $55 Pair
Boot Sole Planing$40 Each $55 Pair