The big box stores and online warehouses have been the bane of the specialty mountaineering shop. We mourn the loss of all the boot fitters, technicians, ski and board tuners and pack fitters. This hands on experience and knowledge is rare. If you have a local shop that offers a comparable product at a fair price, we encourage you to give them your business. They need you. If you are unable to find product or service we are here to help. Give us a call or drop by our store.

We realize that most of the market shift to online shopping has been the result of discount pricing and selection. We have elected to specialize in a very small portion of the market and do it exceedingly well. We will honor suggested retail and will not discount unless it’s year-end or a one of a kind item. We will not sell product that is grey market or does not have a warranty. Our prices are very fair, and allow us to exist, offer exceptional service and be here year after year to help you in the future. If you are a buyer motivated only by price we may not be your store.

We will offer you only proven, tested gear that will meet the most demanding needs of the alpinist. We will offer at least the full manufacturer’s warranty as well as our promise to keep you skiing and climbing safely and comfortably. We appreciate your business and honor your trust and loyalty to The Fifth Season.

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