Alpine Touring & Splitboard Rental

Skiing on a 14,179 foot mountain can be a once in a lifetime experience. Alpine touring and splitboarding are some of the best ways to climb Mount Shasta, and then ski or board back down. If the summit is not your goal, no problem! There are plenty of wonderful shorter tours. We offer a diverse spread of top quality boards and demo skis with tech bindings. So come have an amazing alpine touring or splitboarding adventure!

Alpine Touring & Splitboard Rental Price List

 1 DAY2-3 DaysADD' DAY
Crampons & Ice Axe Package$28$35$13
Ice Axe$15$20$8
Large MTN Pack (W's, Mn's 65-80L)$28$40$18
Summit / Ski Pack$20$35$12
Sleeping Bag & Pad (0F-20F)*$40$18
Sleeping Pad Only$8$14$6
MTN Tent 2p / 3p / 4p*$95$50
Gas Canister Stove$10$16$6
Snowshoes & Poles (Fixed)$18$30$11
Adjustable Poles$9$14$5
Snow Shovel$12$18$8
Transceiver SINGLE$20$35$15
Transceiver PAIR$35$60$20
Transceiver / Probe / Shovel Package$38$65$25