Mountaineering Rental

The Fifth Season’s selection of rental mountaineering gear is second to none. We have a wide selection of boots for just about every foot size and shape. Our boots are washed, cleaned and sanitized after each use. We offer leather mountaineering boots including Lowa Mountain Expert, Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro, Salewa Vultur Evo GTX and more. This tremendous selection of models assures you of the best experience and fit.

We carry a wide selection of crampons for the best fit when using our rental boots or your own boots. If you use your own boots be sure to bring both boots so we can fit them individually. If you use your own boots they must be crampon-compatible. Light hiking or backpacking boots will not provide a safe foundation for crampons.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, please click the online reservation button below, or call the shop if you have any questions about your trip.

Mountaineering Rental Price List

CRAMPONS *$27$10
ICE AXE*$20$8
LARGE MTN PACK (W'S, M'S 65-80L)*$40$18
SUMMIT / SKI PACK$25$38$15
SLEEPING BAG & PAD (0F & 20F)*$40$18
PAD ONLY*$14$6
MOUNTAIN TENT 2P / 3P / 4P*$95$50

Mountaineering FAQ

We strive for you to have the best experience on the mountain. A fully shanked mountaineering boot is ideal for climbing Mount Shasta. If your boots are for “general hiking,” more than likely you will need to rent boots. This is for two reasons, 1) we recommend using semi-automatic crampons which need a rigid sole for the crampon to be safely attached and 2) a mountaineering boot will allow you to kick steps and walk on rocks comfortably.

If your boot is made for mountaineering then, yes! If you are using a “general hiking” boot and the sole of the boot is “flexible” or not shanked, then no. You will need a boot that has been designed for mountaineering purposes. This is ensure your safety and confidence on the mountain.

The weather can change very quickly on Mount Shasta and it is always best to be prepared.  Here is a list of recommended gear to bring on your climb.

Gear List (Click Here)

Yes, you can pick up a 1-3 day rental after 1 pm on the afternoon before your climb, and you will not be charged for that day.  *Early pick up not available for business hours rental.

For all Mountaineering gear we have a night drop in the back of the building for your convenience.  There is a simple form to put your name on when you drop off the gear in the nigh drop box.  Please remember this is for after hours gear drop off. All gear being dropped off during store hours must be brought into the store.

Alpine Touring Rentals MUST be brought into the store.  You WILL be charged for damages to any of the following equipment if put into our after hours drop box:  Transceivers, Probes, AT Skis or Splitboards.

Mount Shasta is a big mountain!  And the weather can change on it very fast no matter what the season is.  We recommend keeping an eye on our weather page, or calling our mountain report to find out what the conditions will be as the date of your climb approaches.

Mountain Report (Click Here)

No,  Currently it is free to park at any of the trailheads for climbing Mount Shasta. However, a free Wilderness Permit can be filled out at any trialhead.

You will need a Summit Permit to travel above 10,000 feet.  Which you can pick up at The Fifth Season, the local Forest Service Office, or at the trailhead you will be leaving from with correct change or a check.

For more information on Mountain Permits (Click Here)

Yes,  you will need a Summit Permit to travel above 10,000 feet on Mount Shasta.  For more information: Climbing Permits (Click Here)