“Mt. Shasta is a beautiful mountain with a dominance and purity that puts it on every mountaineer’s list. Your experience on Mt. Shasta will be determined by your planning, partners, weather and luck. What makes the difference between a memorable climb and disappointment will be your attitude regarding the process. All too often we see a climber’s fixation on reaching the summit as the real reason for not reaching it. Of course it’s your goal, but the summit drug can cloud your judgment, blur your priorities and blind you to the beauty around you, the joy of friendship, and power of the moment. Take your time, do a route that suites the least experienced member of your party, plan for atrocious weather, and most important, enjoy Mt. Shasta’s beauty.

Mt. Shasta is a considerable undertaking. Sure, there are the super fit that climb and ski AG before lunch, but for most it’s a two day, strenuous hike/climb that will test their stamina and mental toughness. Most of the routes are not technically demanding, but require basic mountaineering skills and awareness. For all routes you should have confidence in your crampon and ice axe skills. The glacier routes pose greater challenges and require additional skills. If you lack these skills or experience, consider hiring one of the excellent, permitted, Mt. Shasta guides.” ­ from The Fifth Season’s Mt. Shasta Climber’s Review

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