We want to make your climbing experience the best it can be. To that end we offer you the finest and best maintained gear. So let’s get it out in the open right away; many clients are concerned about fitting rental boots. With more than thirty years of outfitting climbers we have the process down tight. Our choice and selection of boots reflects our attention to your foot shape and individual climbing needs. We offer three distinct types of boots, men’s and women’s lasts, and several last shapes to accommodate your feet and route demands. Our staff will take the time necessary to assure your fit will be the best it can be. If you use an orthodic or special insert be sure to bring them with you to your fitting. Sure we have the occasional rental boot horror story, but the vast, vast majority of our clients are happy with their gear and would rent from us again.

Double Plastic Mountaineering Boots
If you are climbing early season or one of the challenging glacier routes this type of boot will be your choice. These boots are extremely warm, protective and supportive. These boots will let your feet relax and be comfortable in the most demanding conditions. In this category we offer Scarpa and Lowa boots. These two manufacturers build superior boots with state of the art shells and lasted liners. Due to the supportive nature of these boots most climbers will modify their gait slightly. The so called “mountaineer’s shuffle” lessens the boot’s cuff pressure on the lower leg, and the effect of the boot’s stiff sole.

Insulated Mountaineering Boots
This technology has become the standard for most climbers. These boots are popular since they provide adequate warmth, and are lighter and more flexible than the plastic doubles. If you are doing an early to mid-season climb of Avalanche Gulch, a South Side Ridge, or even an easier North Side Route these will be your choice. They offer excellent support and protection for the instabilities of scree, and the mixed, loose terrain you’ll encounter. The uppers are leather/hybrid combinations that are lighter and more flexible than the double plastic boots. We offer a wide selection from Scarpa, Asolo, Lowa, and Garmont.

Light Mountaineering Boots
These are the darlings of the casual mountaineers. Very light and more flexible than either of the above choices, these will be easiest on your feet, legs, and endurance. The sole is still stiff enough for mountaineering crampons, and the full rand helps protect your feet from the realities of scree and tough terrain. These are ideal choices for mid to late season climbs, and the easier routes that have limited snow and ice travel. We offer an excellent selection from Lowa, Garmont and Scarpa.

Our staff will help you with your choice. If you are using a guide we will of course follow their recommendations. If you tend to have cold feet we would encourage you to consider the “warmer” choices. We look forward to serving you.