The Fifth Season’s selection of rental mountaineering gear is second to none. We have a wide selection of boots for just about every foot size and shape. Our boots are washed, cleaned and sanitized after each use. For the multi-day, glacier outing we offer Lowa Civetta and Scarpa Inverno double plastic boots. For quick ascents and lighter tastes we offer light weight leather boots including Lowa Mountain Expert. This tremendous selection of models assures you of the best experience.

We carry a wide selection of crampons for the best fit when using our rental boots or your own boots. If you use your own boots be sure to bring both boots so we can fit them individually. If you use your own boots they must be crampon-compatible. Light hiking or backpacking boots will not provide a safe foundation for crampons.

If you would like more information on our boots please visit our Do I Have to Rent Boots page.